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Title: [ Kickstarter] Cerebronauta Immersive Sim Novel, Looking for Character Artist
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Hello Everyone
Cerebronauta is an Immersive Sim novel Thriller / Horror that allows the player to shape and change the story through dialogues.The Dynamic Dialogue within the game will allow the player to reach his goal through multiple routes.
[Character Designer]
We are looking for an artist who wants to be part of our development team, so we are looking for a person who wants to prove himself and wants to invest and believe in this ambitious project.
*We'd like to see your portfolio so you can see your work.
Inside our development team we already have figures that are still working on the project:

  • - Background Artist (attached we have uploaded a work related to the project to show you the style we have chosen for our game)
[Immagine: v5m1v4gqaz131.png]
Natthan Hansen Art, Sketch of Sake square
Natthan Hansen Art, Sketch of Sake square

  • Unity programmer who is still working on the game structure

  • Writer who is editing the story and the dialogues

  • Fashion Designer (who will work together with the Character designer)

  • Graphic UI / UX Designer that will take care of the game's interface and HUD.

  • Marketing Section which will handle the publication of the project on kickstarter.
The project will be launched on kickstarter together with a demo (to which we are already working) with which the backers will be able to test the potential of the game.All gain from the financing will be used to produce the game. We are not looking for employees but we are looking for people who want to join our team.
[Info & References]
For more info about the project we would like to discuss with you!
We attach our contacts
Discord: GiacomoRivano#1856
Skype: jackrivano
gmail: glitchgraph@gmail.com
While below you will find a link to slides with case studies and reference that explain even better what Cerebronauta is (in them you will find various artists and design styles that we have selected as a possible stylistic choice)
Also here you will find a link with inside the plot of the story and the demo plot with a brief description of the characters and the events of the game.
I thank you in advance and I hope that there will be a future member of our Team among you!
Giacomo Rivano

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