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Title: -Looking for a Background Artist-
Modi discussione
Hello Everyone!
I introduce myself, my name is giacomo Rivano and I'm making a visual novel called Cerebronauta.
I'm looking for artists who can work in synergy with my team.
I'd like to have a chat with anyone interested.
Cerebronauta will be launched on kickstarter and we are currently working on a demo version to try out the backers.
For me it is essential to give my work a unique graphic style that can be perfect with the topics covered (it is a Visual Novel Thriller Horror).
I am looking for artists who can take care of the Background.
I would like to see your work (I address all those interested), this is a team project and we should all work together to create something unique.
Cerebronauta will not be a classic visual novel, it will have Rpg elements and an innovative system of dynamic dialogues that will make every interception with the pg unique and unforgettable.
The story of Cerebronauta takes place in Copper City, a city founded on a lie.
Faust does not remember his past but the meeting with a strange and obscure entity will give him a power that allows him to dig into the psyche of people, thus being able to physically see their fears and anguishes.
It will be thanks to the meeting with 5 key characters who will understand little by little what was and what was his past.
Cerebronauta is a Thriller Horror that will immerse the player in a dark and unhealthy world, it will be possible to meet absurd and crazy characters, Faust will be able to interact with each Npg inside Copper City where everyone is connected by an obscure and secret destiny .

Requirements to get involved in the team:
Unique graphic style and skilful use of colors
discreet Experience in using the adobe suite (Illustrator, Photoshop)
Possibility to compare on Skype
Being able to team up in a team of more people
Availability to follow a weekly or biweekly work plan
Interest in wanting to know every mechanic of my project (which will also become yours if you join the team)

All earnings and percentages of the project will be decided once they become part of the team and everyone will have their share of income.
Please ask me any questions you may think of.
I am here to build something incredible and I would like to find some artist with the desire to show how good they are!

You can also contact me privately via email
reference mail: glitchgraph@gmail.com

Thanks in advance and I hope to find many talented people!

The Beast Studio©

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